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How did it get to the end of September?

September 28, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

It doesn't seem over a week ago since I blogged last but so much has been going on. I love being busy.! Most of the time.


Last Friday I was given a lift by Michelle into was a guy from the airport police unit Rich Ford's leaving do.I don't really know him that well as he replaced me, would you believe two and a half years ago!

Who went to the Lloyds Weatherspoon on the waterfront in Bristol first just me and Wayne.we eventually met others and in the end there was quite a good turnout.after a swift pint it was over to the Za Za Bazaar next door. For anyone who hasn't been there it is designed to be a series of street stalls selling food from various is all actually inside in the warm and the dry but it gives you chance to try loads of different cuisine from around the world.

There are however several people there who choose to just have burgers and chips and burgers and chips and burgers and chips because you can eat as much as you like.they are easily spotted because they are the ones sitting on the chairs with the Wonky, bending legs!

So it was a good night socially, we had a few to drink and quite a bit to eat.we went back to Weatherspoon for a few more beers and thankfully my darling Michelle collected me and Wayne and took us home at about 1130.not bad after a 6pm start I think!

I did feel extremely unwell the next morning which was strange as I didn't feel I had much to drink.and especially as the blinding headache only lasted about two hours.normally after a hangover it tends to last for three quarters of the day during which time you have to sit in the bath and sweat it out. I must be getting old!

Oh and that reminds me it wasn't actually Friday it was the Saturday.which was a little bit embarrassing because I had some coupons to get us really cheap food which I dutifully handed out to everyone.only to realise that it was in fact Saturday and the tickets were valid for the Friday only. Cock.!

On Sunday after finally dragging my ass out of bed Michelle and I went in to Weston to see Nicola Paul and Emma who we hadn't seen for two weeks.we went in to Dunelm first to buy a few provisions and then Popped in for a delicious bacon roll and coffee.Emma is an absolutely gorgeous baby and so entertaining at such an early age.she is a real delight.

I am really looking forward to having all the three grand daughters together in December when Kelly Cristian Alana and Scarlett come over from Australia.that will be a handful but it will be superb.

Monday started off quite busy.I had a golf lesson at 9:30 which was desperately needed.I have been playing golf most weeks for years now and I never seem to improve! But then most people are the same I guess.I think in reality I have improved but the people I play with improve at a faster rate than me…

Then it was off to Weston at 11 o'clock.Weston-super-Mare that is.I had an appointment with Sarah at Pure Offices.this is a new build property and they needed some photos for their website and flyers. It is the same company where I have my office in Portishead so I know the people involved walking round for a half an hour or so and deciding on what pictures they wanted and getting a brief so I could tender for the job.

I am glad to say that the following day I was offered a contract to take the photos which I will be doing next week.

Then I popped round to see Nicola and Emma only for about 15 or 20 minutes for a cup of coffee before going off to try and play golf.

Just me and Garry playing's very nice sometimes to just have two others as we tend to be relaxed.the golf course was almost completely empty and the weather was fine.most enjoyable and I only lost 35 balls! Well the lesson had improved things no end :-).

I don't know what happened to Tuesday that Michelle was at work on a training day.I think I spent the day in the house, in the office.

Wednesday was back to college again. it is a bit mad there they set you little tasks to do and then they don't invite you to complete was suggested that we bring in a photograph to present it to the rest of the group about location photography. The trouble is they only told a few others about this and they didn't tell those of us about a different task that they wanted us to bring in and present to the group!

In other words we went to college very well prepared for a lovely presentation and then were told that we needed to present something totally different aaaargh.

Still, we are used to it now so we managed to blag our way through it!

Otherwise it was pretty uneventful though I have to say I am learning a tremendous amount.I really go on the degree course because I want to join the dots about any information that I am missing.

And it really is doing that job, I find that my confidence in my ability is growing as I can see how much I really do know.


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